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Our team of strategic, comprehensive lawyers and legal advocates not only care about outcomes but will work our hardest to keep you informed and be the voice you need to represent you. Our peers recommend us, our clients recommend us, and we are confident that if you engage with our services, you will too. These client referrals and accolades mean a lot to us, and we are proud to share them with you. Below is just a small sample of what some of our clients have had to say about our work over the years. Please note that these are real testimonials granted with permission, but names are withheld to maintain client anonymity. If you would like to speak with a past client to speak to our work, please let us know and we can arrange a referral call.


“Absolutely top notch legal help! From start to finish it was a smooth process with responsive communication, direct and reality based analysis and, most importantly, the right outcome. If you are looking for a lawyer and are unsure where to turn, I highly recommend Weibrecht & Ecker!”
-Ethan Jule via Google review
“Both attorney Ecker and Weibrecht were excellent. I had urgent and timely needs that they attended to extremely well. Sadly I got to use their services twice against different attorneys on different cases. Both times they succeeded in achieving my goals at extremely reasonable rates with minimal expenditures. I know that opposing parties spent three times as much for equitable services. If you are in need of their assistance I recommend them highly. Listen to their counsel as they understand the system and can best guide you to the end results you want. One case was to end child support that was egregiously unfair. The other was to reunify with my partner with resolutions to recreate the relationship in a healthy form that met both persons needs. Thanks attorney Ecker and a shout out to attorney Weibrecht for stepping up when Jessica was on vacation.”
-Lloyd Brower via Google review
“I had a great experience with Weibrecht & Ecker. Kim Weibrecht was very patient and helpful throughout the very long, painful process of divorce. She was very thorough and client oriented. I felt informed and prepared every step of the way. I was very satisfied with what Kim was able to negotiate for me in the end. To comment on some of the negative reviews: a good divorce lawyer doesn’t come cheap. Kim was very conscientious that her services are expensive. I felt she did a good job of regulating costs for me and making sure my money was directed to where it needed to be to provide the best outcome possible.”
-David Benson via Google review
“Jess Ecker has been my attorney through extraordinarily complicated, difficult and delicate matters for many, many years. She has ALWAYS been there for me and acted in a way that has exceeded competency. She exudes grace and strength in her dealings with everyone. Her service is impeccable and I honestly don’t know what I would have done without her. I hope I do not have need for an attorney again, but she will always be my go-to if the need ever arises. All the staff at Weibrecht & Ecker are all extremely sensitive, kind and efficient.”
-Jessica Dickey via Google Review
“With the unexpected breakdown of my marriage of nine years I was at a loss for where to begin. So I reached out to Weibrecht and Ecker for help. From my initial consult with Jessica Ecker I knew I made the right choice. She assured me they could “hold my hand” as much as I needed them to. Jessica and Ian were wonderful to work with. They handled everything from the documents, to all correspondence with the court, to making sure I understood each step and what to expect next. They went above and beyond, even reaching out to the court unprompted to secure a sooner date for our hearing. Jessica crafted a settlement that was fair and agreeable to both myself and my ex. When the long awaited day came, we were not 15 minutes before the judge when our divorce was granted. We were so well prepared that the judge even made a point to complement their thoroughness. I am finally able to move on to a better part of my life, and I owe it to Jessica Ecker.”
-Ernest Durand via Google Review
“Kim at Weibrecht & Ecker was a helpful tool in my custody case. She made time to talk with me whenever I needed and offered many resources to help my case. I was grateful for the help in a desperate time of need. She heard my needs and thoughts and helped write motions and requests that adequately explained my concerns and needs.”
Kaychele Ouellette via Google review
“I would say this firm takes care of their clients. They listen to you explain and they take their time. I was unsure what I was getting myself into but I’m glad I chose them. If you are nervous about money or not getting that fighting chance don’t hesitate because they can give you that chance take the leap.”
-Ronald via Google review
“We had a wonderful experience at Weibrecht & Ecker. Staff are super friendly and helpful. Our attorney is very knowledgeable and presents us with several options so we can have time to make decisions that are right for us. I would highly recommend this law firm!”
-Melissa Iannacone, via Google review.
“Jessica was great navigating a difficult situation. I would definitely recommend her.”
-Andy Olson via Google review
“Mediation was handled quickly and efficiently with care, thoughtfulness and sensitivity when needed.”
-P.N. via Google review

“Jessica Ecker handled a tricky and emotional custody case for me, and was knowledgeable, responsive, and hardworking throughout. She never just told me what I wanted to hear, and helped me course-correct when necessary. She honed our approach and our case down to the most powerful and compelling arguments. Thanks to Jessica and her capable team, we had such a solid case that the opposition chose to settle out of court at the very last minute, with a fantastic result! Jessica will go the extra mile for you to ensure your voice is heard and respected. Thanks to the whole team at W&E!”
-Matt from NH
“Kim Weibrecht is an outstanding attorney and mediator. Her knowledge of the law and its application is superb. My case started in 2017 and at the initial meeting, she highlighted all options, but more importantly, how the law would be applied in a worst-case scenario. Our case went worse case but everything Kim said would happen did. Her understanding of my family, employment, and stresses were personal and not superficial. We were unable to settle or mediate but that was due to opposing counsel and former spouse failing to recognize me trying to be overly generous with numerous offers that were not even discussed. My cost was high but justified. More importantly, I was protected and got a very favorable decision. When you approach a divorce, you get what you pay for. I was referred to Kim by a friend and would recommend her and her firm to anyone who asked.”
-Bill B. from a Google Review.
“What an amazing group of professionals! I can’t say enough good things about Jessica Ecker and her very efficient staff. All extremely knowledgeable and compassionate. They truly care about their clients and what they’re going through. Extremely helpful and so easy to talk to I felt like family. I would highly recommend this practice to anyone in need of their services. Thank you again!”
-Sue Erikson via Google Review
The entire staff is amazing. I couldn’t ask for a better Law firm to go with. I even referred 5 of my co-workers to them.”
-Brian W. from NH
“I am very grateful for the professional, intelligent and compassionate service I received from Weibrecht and Ecker. The entire staff was personally attentive during my divorce. Their knowledge and caring guided me through that emotionally painful and financially difficult time. I was very well represented by Jessica and her team.”
-D.D. from Eliot, Maine
(yes we also work in Maine, too!)
“The expertise and professionalism at Weibrecht and Ecker got me through a difficult and emotional time with the best possible resolution. They were responsive and thorough in every aspect of my case and with any questions I had along the way. Every attempt was made to work collaboratively with all parties keeping in mind what would be best in the long-term. Their high character, knowledge of the law and confidence made it possible to effectively deal with the unfortunate negative and inappropriate aspects that arose as well. I am grateful I chose Weibrecht and Ecker to represent me.”
Adam M. from Dover, NH
“Jessica and her staff are very professional and very focused on collaboratively resolving complex divorce issues in a very efficient and practical manner. I highly recommend her!”
-Bill Brown via Google review
“To say I had a tough child custody period after my divorce would be an understatement. I got in touch with Atty Ecker in January of 2017.  My case had dragged on since 2013 with many issues going back and forth.  I had tried to negotiate the Family Court as my own counsel with no luck.  I contacted her and had my first meeting where we discussed my case.  Ms. Ecker told me my case was an uphill climb and it was going to be a tough road. We went to court later that year and we won my case, I was in shock!  The emotional turmoil that had been my life for 4 years was over.
There were many times that I called because of a custody issue and Atty Ecker spoke to me right then and helped me through the ordeal. The entire staff has helped me so much.  All of the ladies there have helped me from Gloria, Melissa, to Lea, Kelly, and Kim Weibrecht has even spoken to me to explain questions I may have about my case.
The Family Court system is a maze that is hard to negotiate by yourself. Since retaining Atty Ecker my custody issues have been dealt with by her and the results are amazing. It’s a hard road, but it’s nice to have someone that will get you the results you want.”
-D.D. from Barrington, NH
“The Weibrecht staff always work with great enthusiasm, professionalism, and gentleness. Their communication skills are always very efficient, realistic and very dynamic.  The attorneys in the firm can be very aggressive approaching a goal, yet smooth through the process.  They always developed solutions to meet my needs, goals, and expectations. Their high motivation and exceptional ability to deal with cultural barriers is one of the things that I admire most about them.”
-Ana from NH
“I can’t recommend Weibrecht Law highly enough. Thanks to my consultations with Kim during my divorce I was able to satisfactorily mediate everything with my ex, without having to go to court. She also represented me when I needed to change our parenting plan years later, and made that contentious process manageable. I have always found Kim calm, strategic, and wholly competent. Having her at my side in court (and on the other end of the phone in panicky moments) was the smartest gift I gave to myself in those hard times.”
-L.A. from Lee, NH
“A few years ago I found myself in the unexpected position of starting over after my 15-year marriage abruptly ended. The loss of my marriage, coupled with the death of my mom a few weeks prior, left me without a clear direction for my life other than knowing my goal was to create a plan for both myself and for my young daughter.
Without realizing it back then, calling Attorney Weibrecht’s office served as the foundation for being able to have the life I have now, which is filled with happiness and security.  When I reflect back on those painful first few months, I’m filled with gratitude and a sense of peace remembering how Attorney Weibrecht’s guidance and support allowed me to make difficult, but sound decisions, that years later continue to affect my life positively. I’ve been able to keep my home, the only home my daughter has known, prepare for college, and move through a divorce being able to deal with the emotional side of it because I had an awesome attorney keeping track of everything else.
Since then, I’ve continued to work with Weibrecht Law for estate and future planning and continue to feel that sense of peace and security…. so much so that I’ve recommended Weibrecht Law (Weibrecht & Ecker) to numerous people as I’m a walking testament to the importance of having a great lawyer.”
“I want to thank you for your representation during my recent divorce.  I feel that throughout the whole process you always treated me with professionalism and sensitivity.  You were extremely easy to talk to and you made a point of making sure that I understood what was going on and what my options were.  I also appreciate you being mindful of the costs associated with your services and allowing me to choose when and how often I needed you.  With never having had to deal with lawyers before I felt lucky to have found you and had such a positive experience.”
Anonymous from NH
“You are so great in helping me understand and get through this! I am so grateful to have you in my corner.”
Sue from NH
“Kim and her team handled our family matter with a holistic approach. They brought pragmatic and assertive attention to the details that mattered towards resolution coupled with empathy and experience that brought ease in challenging times. They were knowledgeable, efficient, communicative and available. I’m glad I trusted Weibrecht & Ecker with my situation. I truly believe the values they practice, make a positive impact in the world. They certainly did in mine.”
-Ryan from Portsmouth NH / Newburyport MA


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