Traditional New Hampshire Divorce

By traditional New Hampshire divorce, we mean the image of divorce and litigation that you may recall from media depictions such Kramer vs. Kramer or War of the Roses. Or, perhaps a legal process mirrored in your own experience as a child of divorce. It is a court-based process in which the many decisions to be made on Child Support, Custody, Property Division, and Alimony are not made by the parties but are made by a Family Court Judge. This process option tends to encourage hostility between the parties and to be more costly and time-consuming than other process options.

For this reason, there is a widespread belief within the Judicial System that it is beneficial for most parties to work together, often with professional help, to craft their own agreements when they can. While this may be the ideal, parties may need a Judge’s intervention in making decisions when one party is abusive, has a mental illness or a substance abuse problem; when the parties have an unusually high level of conflict between them that precludes working productively together; or when one or both parties are uninterested in working together on a solution, preferring instead to defer to a Judge as decision-maker.

Although not the best option in many instances, there are certainly instances in which a traditional court-based divorce is the best option. And in those instances, you require an effective, qualified, and respected courtroom advocate. Our attorneys have some of the most extensive New Hampshire trial experience and have gotten some of the best results around. We have successfully stopped parental relocations from occurring, reduced or increased child support/alimony, proven underreporting of self-employment income, proven contempt of court and been awarded payment of attorneys fees by the other side, and more. Successes are fact-specific and while we cannot guarantee similar results in your case, we can bring our wealth of experience and successes to bear in fighting “the good fight” for you.

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