What About Our Pets During a Divorce?

In many cases, decisions about what will happen to a couple’s pets during a divorce become a major issue. In some families the pets are just like children and parties want to be able to share “custody”. In other cases pets may be an impediment to being able to find housing or handle a crazy travel schedule. In a traditional litigated divorce case, pets are considered personal property, and most judges are hesitant to get involved in doing more than simply awarding them to one party or the other. One of the benefits of mediation or collaborative divorce is your ability to be as creative and detailed as you want to be when it comes to your animals. We have crafted detailed visiting schedules for pets including dogs and have also worked with couples on how to handle the management, care and cost of numerous horses. We understand people’s attachment and love for animals and will help you think creatively about how to address them in your case.